What We Can Do For You

Services conseils

In rendering our insurance management services, we balance two critical objectives: efficient delivery and highly customized service. For some clients, we operate as a virtual insurer, delivering the full array of services required on a turnkey basis under the direction of the client’s board/committee structure.  Other clients have an infrastructure or other outsourced arrangements already in place, and we provide insurance management services on an unbundled basis.


We regularly co-ordinate our activities with other service providers, including insurance brokers, claims adjusters. Overall, we’re a consulting services business and we tackle insurance management from a holistic perspective. 

Our principal attorney services include preparing Board materials, attending Board meetings, actioning items from the Board, liaising with regulators, coordinating service providers, and tracking expenses to budget and ensuring that regulatory filing requirements are met in a timely manner among many others.


As many self-insured entities operate with minimal staff, we also offer emergency replacement or succession planning to ensure continuity of services/operations to the entities. 

Our insurance accountants offer a breadth of insurance management services from full turnkey accounting to leave temporary support and specific project/reviews, depending on our clients’ needs.


We offer the full cycle accounting services from day-to-day operations such as issuing cheques, deposits, general ledger entries and bank statements reconciliation to preparing financial statements and management reports. We ensure compliance with all regulatory/reporting requirements, restrictions on signatories and internal controls.


We prepare monthly, quarterly and annual filings (including premium tax remittances and suppression of terrorism reports). We liaise with auditors, actuaries, investment managers and audit committees, as required. For reciprocals, we provide accounting at the subscriber level to ensure that all participants understand their financial interest in the reciprocal.


We also support and educate our clients, Audit Committees and Boards on changes in accounting standards that impact their operations. From impact assessments, progress reports, planning and implementation, our team of experts partners with you to guide you through all aspects of risk management and concrete action implementation.

We manage all aspects of the claims process, including claim report acknowledgement, coverage review, retention/instruction of adjusters/legal counsel (as appropriate), claim reserving, attendance at mediation, etc. We develop claims systems and claims management protocols, and liaise with auditors, actuaries and reinsurers as required.


Grâce à leur expérience avec les réclamations en responsabilité professionnelle, notre équipe d’avocats possède une expertise unique quant à la gestion de litige complexe, et a développé un système efficace afin de gérer des programmes d’assurance avec un haut volume de réclamations.

Our team of licensed brokers works closely with clients to understand risk exposure and risk appetite, review the current insurance and reinsurance arrangements to analyze their efficiency, and provide risk management recommendations. Our focus is to assist clients in modifying, designing and developing the property and casualty insurance coverage which will be ideal for their needs.


We establish recommended best practices for risk management to better control risk exposures that can or have resulted in loss. We provide policy wording and reinsurance contract expertise, as well as overall underwriting guidelines.

In managing your operations, you may be dealing with initiatives such as expanding coverage and/or membership, relocating primary regulators, redrafting rules or subscribers’ agreements, managing requests for proposals, performing governance reviews or developing governance policies (surplus management, investment policies, outsourcing policies, rating policies, etc.).


As a consulting services business, Axxima can lead, support, manage and provide strategic advice to help you achieve the next step in your organisation’s journey.  We can also help your organization understand regulatory changes and guidance issued and their impact on your entity.

When it comes to risk transfer alternatives, our focus is to offer clients more control and flexibility over their risk by empowering them with our expertise in self-insurance feasibility studies. We provide our clients with analysis that addresses the actuarial, accounting, regulatory, insurance and reinsurance structure and governance aspects so that clear decisions can be made.


Our analysis provides clients with the information required to make a go-no-go decision on prudent self-insurance or insurance program structures. Our creative thinking always challenges the status quo and offers customised/tailored solutions. You can count on our risk management expertise to attain the best tools for decision-making.

Nous travaillons avec des programmes déjà établis dans le but d’optimiser leur valeur en :


  • Developing property and casualty insurance risk financing strategies including experience-rated insurance plans, captives, reciprocals, pooling and reinsurance arrangements, catastrophe/stop loss coverage, etc.
  • Optimisant les structures d’assurance et de réassurance
  • Helping organizations to develop an informed understanding of their risk appetite and risk transfer
  • Evaluating the options for deductible levels and policy limits (including aggregate limits).

Stochastic modelling to study the volatility and probability of losses under a variety of retention or cession scenarios (including layering and aggregate loss transfer).

Nos services incluent tous les aspects de la gestion de programme d’affinité. Que ce soit pour la mise en place, le suivi, l’optimisation, la mise au marché, la négociation des conditions ou pour de l’aide à la transition du programme, nous offrons nos services de conseillers stratégiques pour répondre à vos besoins.


We partner expertise from the actuarial and brokerage sides to educate, gather data, provide analysis and recommendations on go-forward strategies for our clients. The insurance markets appreciate our openness and have adapted to our creative approach. Our focus is always to offer your members and employees value in your trusted brand and partnerships. 

Services de courtage

Axxima’s approach to insurance and reinsurance placements has always been one of achieving stability and security. We have the actuarial capability to price risk effectively to ensure that insurers are offering terms that are commensurate with the risk being underwritten. We evaluate insurers on the following five criteria:


  1. La couverture
  2. Le prix
  3. Le service
  4. La stabilité
  5. La fiabilité

Nous travaillons avec nos clients afin d’évaluer leur exposition et leur appétit aux risques ainsi que pour les aider à trouver une couverture d’assurance qui sera optimale selon leurs besoins. En tant que courtiers en assurance, nous :

  • Élaborons différentes options quant à la structure du programme d’assurance, incluant les niveaux de primes indiqués selon différentes rétentions, couvertures et limites
  • Sollicitons des devis auprès d’assureurs, négocions les meilleurs tarifs et aidons les clients dans l’évaluation des différentes options
  • Combinons la tarification déterminée par les actuaires aux exigences financières commerciales
  • Examinons les polices et les avenants pour vérifier leur conformité aux conditions et à la couverture convenue

With our vast experience with insurance management, we can provide expertise in the following types of coverages:

  • Responsabilité professionnelle
  • Administrateurs et dirigeants
  • Erreurs et omissions
  • Responsabilité civile des entreprises
  • Cyber-assurance
  • Criminalité
  • Responsabilité des fiduciaires
  • Assurance excédentaire

We focus on creative reinsurance placement, challenging status quo structures with a strong focus on actuarial and technical analysis.  Our overriding objective is to reflect our clients’ cultures and unique risk appetites in each reinsurance services project that we undertake. In the self-insurance world, long term relationships and overall stability of operations influence reinsurance strategy and ultimately determine the structure and placement of risk transfer solutions.


At the root, the reinsurance business is not complicated: transfer risk at a rate that is expected in the long run to produce a reasonable profit. Markets respond favourably to the professional submission and creative ideas that we bring to the table, knowing that we have the tools and expertise to do so while creating win-win situations for both the reinsurer and the reinsured.


Notre réputation ainsi que notre travail auprès des réassureurs sur des structures complexes et, si nécessaire, atypiques ont été un succès grâce à notre habilité à parler le même langage qu’eux et, surtout, le même langage que ceux prenant les décisions, y compris leurs actuaires.

We provide the full spectrum of reinsurance services and cover all aspects of the reinsurance placement including negotiation, preparation and signing of contracts, payment of premium and reinsurance claims and periodic exchange of information as required. As reinsurance consultants, we:

  • Examinons et développons une structure de réassurance optimale répondant à la stratégie à long terme de nos clients, le tout de manière unique et créative
  • Fournissons une expertise technique pour l’évaluation d’options et de prix, ainsi que pour le développement du niveau de risque cible
  • Fournissons une expertise avec le marché de réassurance afin de garantir la couverture de réassurance
  • Préparons la soumission de réassurance annuelle qui répond aux objectifs et aux exigences de nos clients pour le placement annuel
  • Surveillons et évaluons la santé financière des réassureurs participants
  • Provide the highest quality customer services and prompt responsiveness to our clients, with various contact points and senior resources.

Being Lloyd’s Coverholder gives us the ability to provide the client with a unique blend of control and security. In accordance with the terms of a negotiated binding authority agreement, we provide services such as:


  • L’acceptation des risques et l’émission des documents de polices, incluant les avenants et les certificats d’assurance
  • La collecte et le traitement des primes
  • Managing and settling claims for property and casualty insurance and beyond

Services actuariels

Axxima’s actuarial teams provide a wide range of creative actuarial services covering diverse property and casualty insurance types, including professional liability, property and automobile. We empower our clients by offering the following actuarial services:


  • Analyse de réserves de fin d’année, incluant la liaison avec les vérificateurs et l’actuaire pour la revue par les pairs
  • Analyse de réserve pour la fin de quart ou pour un suivi de la condition financière de l’entité
  • P&C-1 and financial notes support from an expert actuarial consultant
  • Projection financière sur plusieurs années
  • Tarification annuelle et étude de rétention pour les entités auto-assurées
  • Développement de cibles internes de capital et de politiques de surplus ainsi que la préparation des ORSA et des examens de la situation financière
  • Sessions éducatives pour les comités de direction et d’audit sur les changements législatifs, les normes comptables, les normes actuarielles, etc.

Our actuaries are accredited by the Canadian Institute of Actuaries and are involved with professional associations that develop actuarial educational materials, as well as provide professionalism training for actuaries and actuarial students.

We support audit firms as their actuarial consultant, making sure all insurance related tasks are carried on effectively. In addition, we also act as external peer reviewer for the valuation of actuarial liabilities and financial condition testing as required by regulators.  We are also involved with clients on special actuarial consulting projects such as:

  • Les programmes d’affinité en assurance quant à la gestion, la consultation et le renouvellement
  • L’ajout de ligne d’affaires
  • Le développement de politique interne, etc.

Our team gathers some of the best, most passionate actuaries in Canada, skilled professionals who also know how to address the personal side of business. Their advice is follows  the Canadian Institute of Actuaries’ standards of practices, which comes as an extra guarantee that you’ll be in exceptional hands.

Our stochastic financial modelling software allows us to provide a myriad types of analyses to our clients. Moreover, our actuarial services include simulation and financial forecasting, helping clients to assess the volatility of possible outcomes for various projects.


Que ce soit pour la tarification par simulation Monte Carlo ou pour la modélisation de plusieurs niveaux de confiance dans le ORSA, notre expertise permet d’extraire des analyses spécifiques qui rencontrent les besoins de nos clients.

Nous avons bâti une expérience solide dans les programmes d’Agri-assurance auprès de plusieurs provinces et du gouvernement fédéral à travers nos mandats pour des certifications actuarielles requises ainsi que pour des projets spéciaux comme :

  • L’analyse et les recommandations sur les taux de rendement probables, les méthodes de tarification et l’autonomie financière des programmes d’assurance, incluant la revue du surplus cible
  • Review of program design (actuarial component)
  • La modélisation de réassurance et cible interne quant à la philosophie de couverture de réassurance