Who We Are

Axxima is different. We’re an independent risk/insurance management and actuarial consulting firm. We specialize in self-insurance, we revel in breaking the mould, and we love empowering our clients. The design, implementation and management of insurance programs and alternative risk financing strategies is our thing. And, while we know that insurance and risk management or property and casualty insurance are the last things most people would find interesting ­– we love it, and we wouldn’t do anything else.

Our actuaries don’t fit the stereotype. They are outgoing and keen to engage with you. They take complex actuarial concepts and find a way to make them relatable and understandable. And when boards and senior management understand the work of their actuarial consultant, it creates opportunities to manage risks in very exciting ways.

Our insurance and risk management team actually runs insurance companies. They’re also a licensed insurance brokerage. That means they not only provide consulting advice, they can also provide services for every aspect of the insurance process. Soup to nuts. The whole enchilada. Everything – including the kitchen sink. You get a consulting team that has real hands-on experience in a dizzying array of insurance areas.

We have a seriously long list of services, including self-insurance feasibility studies, actuarial analyses, reinsurance placements and insurance management services, including principal attorney and accounting services

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